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Privacy Policy

Privacy online is important to users of This statement governs privacy policies with respect to users or visitors of this site termed “you”.

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This site is not intended to replace a consultation with an engineering professional.

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Content provided on this website can be changed and altered at any time without notification.

Comments Policy

This site encourages visitors to add to the discussion by commenting and offering their own opinions and information. Leaving a comment does not mean it will necessarily remain and be displayed. When making comments please follow the rules below or the comment may be deleted.

1) Do not post off topic comments and off topic website links.

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3) Be civil.

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Copyright Policy

The content provided on this website is owned by and/or licensed for use with permission in which the respective copyright holders are indicated. You may not in any cases infringe upon the copyright of the content provided on Reproduction is prohibited other than in accordance with copyright laws. If for some reason you feel content provided on this website is infringing on your copyright please contact the owner of this website.

While the owner of this website is located in the United States of America, copyrights are enforceable throughout the entire world as a result of provisions and international treaties which provide protection and allow for enforcement of intellectual property rights. If you would like to use content on this website you may request permission and from time to time this granted.

This site is continuously monitored on the internet for violations of copyright.

In cases where copyright of is infringed the owner of this website will do the following:

1) Notify Google (Alphabet Inc.), Bing (Microsoft Corporation), and other search engines. These search engines will be told information to demonstrate the violation of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. Search engines may react by removing any infringing websites from their search results.

2) Contact the website in violation and request them to immediately remove the infringing content from their website.

3) Charge a retroactive licensing fee for any content infringing the copyright of

4) Contact the hosting provider of the website in violation if there is not a timely response to remove the infringing content.

5) Take legal action if appropriate if the above four steps do not result in the infringing content being removed in a timely manner.