I had an opportunity to attend the American Telemedicine Association 2018 Conference (ATA18), in Chicago, Illinois, at McCormick Place. The annual gathering brings together healthcare professionals, business professionals, and leaders in different areas of healthcare and technology and occurred from Sunday April 29 to Tuesday May 1, 2018. ATA18 was billed as the world’s largest telehealth networking event with a focus on the latest innovations. The term telehealth includes many technologies and ways to deliver virtual medical, health, and education services. More than 150 different exhibitors were in attendance. Attendees also had the opportunity to attend over 100 sessions.

I attended sessions including “Technology in Service to Patients and Consumers: Emerging Trends in Virtual Care,” “What Does Artificial Intelligence Have to Do with Population Health?,” and “New Models for Telehealth at Scale: Strategic Telehealth Expansion Initiatives at DoD and VA.” A doctor from Partners Healthcare in Boston discussed four different ways that they are using artificial intelligence to help in the hospital setting. For example, there was some discussion of how a good predictor for when a patient may be re-admitted is if they live alone and have no support systems. It was also interesting to see all the ways the army, navy, airforce, and department of veterans affairs of the U.S. has expanded ways to treat patients without the physician actually seeing them in an office. In particular, the navy discussed how with radiology most of their radiologists are now located in several larger cities in the U.S. and that at some of their sites there is no radiologist. Instead, around 25% to 30% of all the work the radiologists do is for other sites outside of their location. It also seemed that the largest current component for physician patient interactions is using telehealth to deliver behavioral medicine like cognitive behavioral therapy.

Below are some of the pictures I took while at the ATA annual conference in 2018, in Chicago, IL.


ATA18 Hours Exhibits


























I was pleased to attend the 6th International Workshop on Computational Human Phantoms in Annapolis, MD, in August 2017. The conference was held at the Loews Annapolis Hotel. My team at Ellumen Inc. and I presented some of the results of our research and development efforts. The paper presented was titled, “Microwave Detection of an Osteophyte in a Knee.” A radar based microwave imaging algorithm was used to detect a small abnormal growth in a knee joint. An image was presented showing that it may be possible to use a microwave method for detecting an osteophyte in the knee.

Below are several pictures while at the conference and around Annapolis.

Loews Hotel Annapolis

Loews Hotel Annapolis Street

Annapolis Church Circle

Annapolis Main Street

Annapolis Water

Annapolis Town Bay

6th International Workshop on Computational Human Phantoms

todd mccollough annapolis human phantom conference

I was pleased to attend the IEEE AP-S Symposium on Antennas and Propagation and USNC-URSI Radio Science Meeting in San Diego, CA, in July 2017. The conference was held at the Manchester Grand Hyatt San Diego. My team at Ellumen Inc. and I presented some of the results of our research and development efforts. We were part of the Inverse Scattering and Imaging: Systems Interactive Forum. The paper I contributed on and helped present was titled “Experimental Microwave Near-field Detection with Moveable Antennas.” A microwave detection system was described and accompanying microwave images using the system were shown. My colleague presented a paper titled, “A Novel Dual-Band Beam-Switching Antenna Based on Active Frequency Selective Surfaces.” This presentation covered discussion of a dual-band beam switching antenna based on frequency selective surfaces capable of being used in modern wireless communications systems.

Below are a few pictures at and around the conference.

Manchester Grand Hyatt San Diego

San Diego Waterfront

Hyatt Grand Manchester San Diego Water View

IEEE APS San Diego Coronado E Schedule

IEEE APS San Diego Schedule

IEEE APS San Diego Symposium Map

todd mccollough celadon ellumen ieee aps san diego